Our product is a restored and/or retouched digital image, a copy of your original material. Your original photo or artwork is not affected by our repair work. You may choose one or more of the following product formats: small prints, large prints, and digital files saved to a CD-ROM or transmitted to you through our FTP server..


These are high resolution inkjet prints, black-and-white, sepia or color, printed with the most durable inks on some of the best currently available archival photo papers. According to their manufacturer, these prints may remain virtually unchanged for up to 50 to 75 years, if properly displayed.
We produce images on various paper sheet sizes. The tables below list our print prices in US$.

ARCHIVAL GLOSSY, SEMIMATTE AND MATTE - normal thickness photo paper
Standard print size (inches) Non-standard print size (inches) (*) First print Each additional print (**)
4 x 6   6.00 4.80
5 x 7   7.00 5.60
8 x 10   10.00 8.00
  8.5 x 11 (A4) 13.00 10.40
11 x 14   28.00 22.40
  11.7 x 16.5 (A3) 37.00 29.60
12 x 18   43.00 34.40
  13 x 19 (Super B) 50.00 40.00
16 x 20   68.00 54.40
Other sizes
and panoramic images
Please specify dimensions and quantity

(*) We recommend using standard print sizes, especially if you will frame the picture - most frames are made in standard sizes.

(**) Same image and size as the first print

(***) Prints wider than 16 inches are also available. These prints are quoted and handled as a special order. (Note: good quality originals or high resolution digital files are required for such prints.)

NOTE: When ordering prints, it is useful to specify the dimensions of the new image as well as of the sheet of paper bearing the image, that is, whether a white border is needed around the image. This may help to fit the image into a picture frame.

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ARCHIVAL CANVAS (19 mil thick)

Canvas has tiny texture with shiny specs noticeable when looked at an angle, and often greatly enhances the image; the picture makes an impression of an oil painting rather than of a photograph.

We recommend this material especially for images 11 x 14 and larger.

The canvas prints are quoted and handled as a special order. Their prices are roughly twice those for normal thickness photo paper (see above).


This is the best way to assure that your images are preserved intact for future generations. In addition, from the files on the CD-ROM you may be able to produce as many digital copies or prints as you wish, now or many years from now.

We offer you two options:

(a) Three sets of the same image, each set in a different format: psd (Photoshop), tif and jpg. Each set includes three digital files of the same image, each file at a different resolution: 72 pixels per inch (low – as needed for the Web), 300 dpi (medium – adequate for inkjet prints), and 500 dpi or above (high – suitable for high quality and large size prints and posters). As an example, for an 8” x 10” color (RGB) image, these files would have the following sizes: 1.19MB, 20.6MB and 52.2MB. In summary, you get a total of nine digital files of the same image in several convenient formats. The files are written to a CD-ROM that is usable by both Mac and PC. Price of this option (nine files): $28.00.

(b) Single digital file, with specifications as agreed between us, at $20.00.


We offer you two options, identical to the ones described above for the CD-ROM files:

(a) Three sets of the same image, each set in a different format: psd (Photoshop), tif and jpg, a total of nine digital files, for a price of $28.00.

(b) Single digital file, with specifications as agreed between us, at $20.00.

After we send our files to you via FTP, you will be notified by an e-mail message. We will provide you with an FTP address accessible only by you and a password to access it.

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