Step 1 You provide us with your original art. It is very helpful if you also fill in and send us the ESTIMATE REQUEST / ORDER FORM
Step 2 We prepare a cost estimate and send it to your e-mail address
Step 3 You review and accept the cost estimate, and make the advance payment by check, credit card, or through PayPal
Step 4 Upon receipt of your payment, we start our repair work
Step 5 We complete our repair work and send you an approval digital file of the new image to your e-mail address
Step 6 You review and accept our repair work, or
request changes — if the image is not yet as you would like it to be. We incorporate the changes and send you a new approval file (back to step 5). If we cannot succeed in producing an image to your satisfaction, we will return to you your originals and your payment (less the cost of shipping your originals back to you)
Step 7 Upon your final acceptance, we ship to you the final image(s) in the format you requested, copies you ordered, and your originals.

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Our cost estimate is free.

As any other serious professionals, we want to see the photograph or artwork you need us to repair before we give you a firm cost estimate. We believe that without seeing the damage and condition of a picture, an estimate is only a guess with a considerable risk for us of overpricing or underpricing the job.

Please, send us something to look at – either the original art, or its copy in any of the following forms (in order of preference):

       •  A scanned high-resolution digital file (see our SCANNING GUIDE AND CALCULATOR) uploaded to our server or saved to a CD-ROM (see note below)
       •  A scanned low-resolution file or a digital photo of the artwork attached to your e-mail (such a file is probably not good enough for quality repair work)
       •  A color Xerox copy of the artwork.

NOTE: Our policy is to tell you honestly if we believe that the quality of the restored image would improve by a better or higher resolution scan, and to ask you either to redo your scan or send us the original image.

Shortly after receiving your request, we will send the estimate to your e-mail address. Please review it, and if accepted, please confirm your acceptance by an e-mail message. Also, send us your payment (by check, credit card or PayPal) so we could begin our repair work.

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Concerned about the safety of your art?
Here are our suggestions:

To prevent damage to your original art in shipping, place it between two sheets of corrugated cardboard and put it in a rigid photo mailer envelope, or better yet, in a cardboard box. Boxes are available at no charge at FedEx, UPS, or USPS.

To minimize any remote chance of your parcel being lost in transit:
       •  use USPS Priority Mail + delivery confirmation + small insurance, or,
       •  use a shipping service, such as USPS Express Mail, FedEx or UPS that provides you with a tracking number. To increase the parcel’s safety even further, you may want to reduce its handling in transport, and use a next-day, or express delivery.

NOTE:  We have never had a case that a parcel addressed to us was lost, even when shipped by ground, and as "regular," not certified mail.

Hesitant about mailing your original photo, but able to make a good scan?

Review our SCANNING GUIDE AND CALCULATOR, scan your image, and save the image file as backup on your computer or a CD. Then send us your original by mail and we will make a high-resolution scan. The quality of the repair will probably be better then from a scan which you would send to us.

If, you do not want, absolutely, to let your original art out of your sight, you still have several inexpensive options:
       A.  Make a good, high-resolution scan (see our SCANNING GUIDE AND CALCULATOR) and send it to us either by:
           •  uploading to our FTP server, or,
           •  writing to a CD-ROM and sending the disc by mail
       B.  If scanning is not feasible, make a good, high-quality color facsimile copy and send it to us by mail.
       C.  Contact us by e-mail describing the type and dimensions of your original art – we will be happy to look for the most practical and least expensive way for you to provide us with your original image.

Remember that delivering your art in person to a local photo lab does not guarantee that it will not be forwarded to another company for processing, and if it happens, that such shipment will be secure.

While your art is in our possession, it is handled with utmost care and stored in a safe. We never forward your original art to any other shop, so it always stays with us in our safe. We return your art to you exactly in the same condition as we received it, and, to ship it to you, we use the same method of shipment as you used.

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Upon completion of the repair work, a digital copy of the final image will be transmitted to your e-mail address for your approval. You will be able to examine the image on-screen and indicate your corrections, if any.

If you request changes, we will make our best efforts to produce the next version of the image to your satisfaction, and you will receive its new copy for your approval. This cycle may be repeated several times. If, after all our attempts, you are still not satisfied, we shall return to you your originals and your payment (less the cost of shipping your originals back to you).

Upon receipt of your final approval, we will produce the final image in the format(s) you have chosen (prints, CD-ROM or FTP files) and copies of the image in quantities you ordered, if any. We will also return to you all your originals.

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