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Tom Skrivan

Thomas V. Skrivan
professional photographer, digital imaging artist
Photographic education: Academy of Art College in San Francisco.

After years of international travels and building his library of photographs from all over the world, Tom opened his photographic studio and darkroom in 1981. At that time, digital photography did not yet exist – Tom used film, large format cameras, photo enlargers, and, chemicals in his wet darkroom.

Initially, he worked as a fashion photographer, but gradually his interests moved to special effects and product photography. Working in his darkroom with masks and pin registration, he gained an exhaustive mastery in producing photo composites and manipulating still images.

Soon, Tom became an expert in special effects photography - (done in traditional way, on film). About 1988, when the first digital imaging software was introduced, Tom started producing his composites on computer, and by 1992, he worked exclusively as a digital artist.

In 2001, he opened a digital photo restoration studio, Photo Repair Shop (TM) in Valencia (Santa Clarita), California. In 2012, he relocated to Stateline, Nevada, and continues to restore old, vintage photographs and digitally correct and enhance faded and imperfect photographs. He repairs small and large prints, including panoramic images.

Now, in Stateline, Nevada, besides photo restoration, Tom spends any free time hiking around Lake Tahoe and photographing landscapes. He especially enjoys producing panoramic photos, which involve shooting series of multiple adjacent frames and stitching them into wide panoramas on his computer.

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